UK Education Expo
On April 10, 2017

10th April in Sylhet

Sylhet event will take place in


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About UK Education Expo 2017

AH&Z Associates, a leading UK universities partner organising the biggest UK Education Expo in Dhaka and Sylhet, Bangladesh. We will represent over 30 British Higher Education institutions at the UK Education Expo 2017 events, this is the perfect place to explore the possibilities for your future. Spot assessment and scholarships will be available for the selected institutes.

Dhaka 8th April 2017

Time: 11am to 5pm
Venue: British Council, 5 Fuller Road, Dhaka

Sylhet 10th April 2017

Time: 11am to 5pm
Venue: Rose View Hotel, Shahjalal Uposohor, Sylhet

    Participating Universities & Colleges

    We will represent over 50 British Higher Education institutions


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